Pyramex® Has the Insulated Gloves You Need for Safe Work This Winter

New-for-2021 Winter Line of Insulated Dipped, Leather and Corded Glove Models For Exceptional Hand Safety for Every Application 


Each year millions of workers suffer from hand injuries in the U.S. In fact, one-fourth of all workplace accidents involve hands and fingers. It’s no surprise that quality hand protection has become a priority amongst employers given 60% of injuries can be prevented with the use of proper hand protection. Protect hands at work this winter with Pyramex® Safety’s newest line of insulated and safety-rated winter gloves to include a diverse selection of cut-resistant dipped, leather and corded gloves.

Dipped gloves have become a game-changer for hand safety in the workplace. Pyramex’s new line of insulated dipped gloves includes several offerings ideal for a variety of industries and applications. The new dipped gloves are constructed from either latex or nitrile, each designed to be cut, puncture and abrasion resistant. In fact, all Pyramex dipped gloves meet ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 safety standards, with individual ratings for cut (A2-A5), puncture (2-4) and abrasion (3-6) to suit a variety of industries and needs.

The hi-vis GL504 glove features a latex sandy palm coating, 10-gauge acrylic liner and offers a good grip in all conditions. It’s rated Cut A2, Puncture 2 and Abrasion 3, as well as safety rated to EN388: 2016 – 2241X and EN511:2006 – X2X. The water-resistant GL505 incorporates a latex smooth full dipped coating with double dipped latex sandy palm coating, plus a 13-gauge polyester outer liner and 10-gauge acrylic inner liner. The GL505 is rated Cut A2, Puncture 2 and Abrasion 4, as well as safety rated to EN388: 2016 – 3241X and EN511:2006 – X2X standards.

Insulated dipped glove model GL506C features a latex smooth full dipped coating with a double-dipped latex sandy palm coating. It has a 13-gauge HPPE outer liner with a 10-gauge acrylic inner liner. It’s also water-resistant ideal for all your work through the elements. The GL506C is rated Cut A5, Puncture 4 and Abrasion 5, as well as safety rated to EN388: 2016 – 3X43E standards. Pyramex’s new line offers two nitrile dipped glove models: GL611 and GL612C. The GL611 features a nitrile smooth ¾ dipped coating with a double-dipped nitrile sandy palm coating. The water-resistant glove has a 13-gauge polyester outer liner and a 10-gauge acrylic inner liner for keeping hands safe from cuts and more. The hi-vis GL612C dipped glove has a nitrile sandy dipped coating, a 13-gauge HPPE outer liner as well as TPR for impact protection and a thumb saddle. Whichever glove workers choose, you can trust their hands will be well protected, paving the way for peak performance.

Designed for use in a variety of fields from agriculture to construction to transportation (and more), Pyramex’s new GL2006K or GL4003K Insulated Leather Driver gloves will keep you warm on the job this winter. The GL2006K model is made from value shoulder grain cowhide with a warm fleece inner lining. The GL4003K model is crafted from select grain pigskin with a fleece liner. Both gloves feature a gunn cut and keystone thumb for good mobility and a perfect fit.

Part of the company’s Insulated Corded glove series, model GL804C is constructed with a strategic blend of corded cotton, fleece, spandex and TPR for impact protection – making it ideal for workers in oil rigging, mechanical, mining and more. The hi-vis glove incorporates a green corded cotton palm with a polyester inner liner, protecting hands from the cold on contact. The water-resistant glove also incorporates a hook and loop closure and thumb saddle. The glove is rated to ANSI/ISEA 105-2016 – Cut A2, Puncture 4 and Abrasion safety standards. It’s also rated ANSI/ISEA 138-2019 -Impact 1, as well as EN388:2016-1322BP and EN511:2006-111.

Each of these new Pyramex insulated winter glove models are available in sizes S-2XL.

Pyramex Safety delivers high quality safety products through its innovative and stylish product lines. The company designs and manufactures a variety of personal protective equipment from eye, head, hand, welding, cooling and hearing protection to hi-vis work wear, respirators and ergonomic gear. Founded in 1991, the company has more than 3,000 distributors in over 65 countries and is committed to investing countless hours to research, design and testing to ensure Pyramex products meet the highest industry safety standards. To learn more about Pyramex Safety, go to

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