You know the job.
We know the protection.

Family-owned Then. Family-owned Now.
Over Three Decades of Protecting You.

Pyramex Headquarters in Piperton, TN


Pyramex is a family-owned leading provider of high-quality personal protective equipment (PPE) with over 3,500 distributors in 65 countries. For over 30 years, we have delivered innovative products, exceptional attention to service, and a mindset making our customers' lives easier.

The Pyramex Promise

Our promise is to honor God in all that we do. We recognize the dignity, worth, and potential of each individual. We acknowledge that every job and worker matters. We remain focused on our relationships and strive to develop people, enabling them to succeed. We seek to always remain thankful for our customers and community. To continually pursue better methods of delivering service and working together. We promise our customers the best possible products, service, and, most importantly, an attitude of making our customers' lives easier. Our values challenge us toward a commitment to truth and to deliver what we promise.


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