The Heat is on: Stay Cool This Summer With 2020 Pyramex Cooling Gear

Understand the Danger, Hydrate and Stay Safe on the Job with Products that Work to Keep Your Body Temperature Down

Each year when the heat rises, experts offer tips to Americans to stay safe and cool. Unfortunately, for many it’s their job to be outdoors when working. Pyramex understands this, and has worked to create a series of cooling products designed to keep those who are subject to occupational exposure to heat as protected as possible. The 2020 Pyramex Cooling Gear line includes a variety of new products including cooling bandanas, mesh neck shades, cooling vests and sun sleeves.

Heat is the number one cause of death when it comes to weather-related hazards. And, while statistics of heat-related illnesses are not well documented, the dangers of heat stroke, heat cramps and heat exhaustion are commonly known. All heat-related illnesses are preventable, and with prompt treatment, most people recover completely from heatrelated illness. Hydration is key when working in the direct sun. Also, being aware, and understanding when it’s important to take caution is important, including making sure to take appropriate breaks from exposure.

Finally, experts agree the right clothing and gear matters. Pyramex has created an entire line of cooling gear to keep workers safe and cool on the job. With a variety of hats to choose from, check out the new RRH10 lightweight ranger style hat. Rated UPF50, it sports reflective piping and tape. Or, add the new HPESHADE to your gear, which is neck shade that can be added to the outside of your favorite hard hat. Rated UPF40 and available in Hi-vis Lime, the mesh material has elastic ribbing allowing the shade to fit on the outside of your hat. Also, make sure to also pick up one or two of the new MPB Series multi-purpose headwear bands. Rated UPF50 and available in Hi-vis-Lime or Blue, the bands are reusable and machine washable.

One of the most exciting additions to this year’s cooling gear lineup is the Cooling Beaded Bandana Series. Designed with polymer crystal beads inside the bandana, the headband provides heat stress relief. It can also conveniently tie around your neck. To activate it, simply soak in cool water then knead and spread the cooling gel for a comfortable fit. The bandana, which comes in a wide assortment of colors and prints, is reusable and machine washable. Other new products include the CS1 Series sun sleeves, made of a lightweight nylon and spandex. Rated UPF50, the sleeves have a thumb hole, are reusable and machine washable. Two cooling vests round out Pyramex’s new offerings including the CV100 Series and the CV200 Series. Both are high-tech vests with inner evaporative PVA panels that work keep your body cool. Submerge the vest in cool water before wearing to activate it. A quilted outer shell is made from a soft polyester, and a zipper front closure and adjustable waist band make for a comfortable fit. The CV100 Series comes in the color gray; the CV200 Series comes in Hi-vis Lime.

Pyramex Safety delivers high quality safety products through its innovative and stylish product lines. The company designs and manufactures a variety of personal protective equipment from eye, head, hand, welding, cooling and hearing protection to Hi-Vis work wear, respirators and ergonomic gear. Founded in 1991, the company has more than 2,000 distributors in over 60 countries and is committed to investing countless hours to research, design and testing to ensure Pyramex products meet the highest industry safety standards. To learn more about Pyramex Safety, go to

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