Pyramex® Venture Gear® announces optimal protection for your hearing

Two Models of Electronic Earmuffs Offer Enhanced Amplification of Quiet Sounds and Protection from Harmful Noises that Can Damage Hearing

Protective safety products innovator Pyramex® announces additional hearing protection from the Venture Gear®  line of products designed to exceed the needs of those who operate in intense situations. The Clandestine™ and Sentinel™ Powered Earmuffs give you options for amplified hearing of quiet sounds and protection from loud, harmful noise. The Clandestine is a slim-profile muff with height-adjustment to fit all shapes and sizes. It has a fold-away, padded headband and is powered by two AAA batteries (included). The Clandestine has a NRR rating of 24dB and an omni-directional microphone that picks up the slightest noise and amplifies it through the high definition speakers built into the ear cups. Rapid Noise Suppression technology immediately cuts louder harmful sounds from damaging hearing. The Clandestine is perfect for use at the range, or in the field. It allows the wearer to carry on normal discussions, even at a whisper, and still have total hearing protection when the decibel level gets too high. Wearers find them so comfortable that wearing them all day is easy and second nature. The Clandestine is available in Black and Black Graphite colors. The Sentinel is also a slim-profile powered earmuff. It too has a fold-away, fullyadjustable, padded headband to fit a wide range of head shapes and sizes. The Sentinel has frontfacing microphones that amplify hearing, while Rapid Noise Suppression technology reduces harmful noises down to a safe level. An auto-shutoff feature turns the power off after four hours on continuous use to extend the life of the two AAA batteries (included). The Sentinel offers an NRR rating of 26dB and has a 3.5mm AUX input jack for use with mobile, MP3 and other devices. The Sentinel is perfect for operations where cell phones or radios need to be used to coordinate team members. It is also ideal for range use for those that like a little music while sending rounds down range. The Sentinel is available in Black and Powder Blue colors. The Venture Gear brand is part of Pyramex Safety Products, a world-leader in delivering high quality safety products through its innovative and stylish product lines. The company designs and manufactures a variety of personal protective equipment from eye, head, hand, welding, cooling and hearing protection to Hi-Vis work wear, respirators and ergonomic gear. Founded in 1991, the company has more than 2,000 distributors in over 60 countries and is committed to investing countless hours to research, design and testing to ensure Pyramex products meet the highest industry safety standards. To learn more about Venture Gear, Venture Gear Tactical, or Pyramex, go to

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