Pyramex® Venture Gear® Polarized Sunglasses Deliver the Glare-cutting Quality and Ansi-rated Protection Needed for Your Summer Outdoors

2020 Line of Polarized Eyewear Models to Suite a Wide Range of Outdoor Activities


Whether you’re an avid cyclist, angler or hiker, you need a pair of sunglasses that are built for action. Outdoor enthusiasts and sunglass wearers of all types now have a plethora of options when it comes to glare-cutting eye protection when outdoors thanks to the 2020 lineup of Venture Gear® Polarized sunglasses by Pyramex®. With multiple frame and lens options available, each pair delivers the stunning good looks, crystal clear vision and state-of-the-art ANSI protection needed when venturing outdoors this summer.

Why would you need polarization? Highly reflected environments cause glare and reduced visibility. It can also impair depth perception, distort colors and viewing and cause loss of overall visual performance. Venture Gear polarized lenses incorporate a built-in laminated filter, which permits only vertical light rays to pass through while blocking horizontal rays to eliminate glare. These advanced lenses also enhance color and elevate contrast allowing for true perception of colors. They also result in reduced eyestrain and higher visual comfort. This means wearers can enjoy sharp, distractionfree viewing during any outdoor activity.

Beyond superior visual acuity, wearers will benefit from 99% protection from the sun’s damaging rays as well as all-day wearing comfort. The series also meets ANSI-Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards with some also meeting Canadian (CSA Z94.3) safety standards, keeping eyes well protected under even the most extreme conditions.

Available in five stylish models including half-frame, full-frame and sealed eyewear styles – and a variety of lens options – outdoor enthusiasts have plenty to choose from when it comes to crystal clear vision and enhanced protection. The lightweight half-frame Tensaw® model features an adjustable rubber nosepiece and co-injected temples for a snug, secure fit. Available with a black or stylish white half-frame, wearers can choose between forest gray, green mirror or sky red mirror lens options. Both Vallejo® models incorporate a distinctive polarized green mirror lens which pair beautifully with either a white or black frame. For wearers who enjoy more of a wrap-around style, look no further than the Pagosa®. This model features a squared black full frame with a forest gray lens or white full frame with an ice blue mirror lens – both have wide straight-back temples and a soft rubber nosepiece.

The PMXCEL® sunglass incorporates a flame-resistant inner foam padding that’ll keep wind and debris out while motorcycle riding, speed boating or enjoying any high-speed action. A detachable strap ensures a secure fit and comes with a polarized gray lens and black frame. The Goliath® model features a built-in nosepiece, co-injected rubber temples and comes with a black frame and gray lenses.

Pyramex Safety delivers high quality safety products through its innovative and stylish product lines. The company designs and manufactures a variety of personal protective equipment from eye, head, hand, welding, cooling and hearing protection to Hi-Vis work wear, respirators and ergonomic gear. Founded in 1991, the company has more than 2,000 distributors in over 60 countries and is committed to investing countless hours to research, design and testing to ensure Pyramex products meet the highest industry safety standards. To learn more about Pyramex Safety, go to

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