Pyramex® introduces new-for-2019 Venture Gear® Amp BT™ electronic bluetooth hearing protection

For Gun Enthusiasts Looking For The Most Advanced Earmuffs That Do Everything

No one should head to the shooting range or afield without hearing protection, and in today’s highly connected world, we rarely go anywhere without our cell phones either. Personal protective equipment leader Pyramex® is aware of your need for connectivity and safety, and not only created the best hearing protection on the market with the introduction of their newfor-2019 Venture Gear® Amp BT Electronic Bluetooth Hearing Protector — they’ve incorporated a host of industry-leading features that make these new earmuffs the most exciting new product on the range. Because communicating with a range master or fellow hunter is often required, the new Venture Gear Amp BT™ Electronic Bluetooth Hearing Protector not only compresses harmful sounds to safe levels thanks to its Rapid Noise Suppression technology, it also amplifies surrounding sounds. The four microphones positioned around the unit provide users with maximum coverage for the action happening around them. In a deer stand with a family member and need to whisper instructions? No problem. Simply twist the easy-adjust volume and ambient noise controls to make the conversation possible without spooking nearby animals. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new hearing protector is the Bluetooth feature Pyramex engineered into the earmuffs. Shooters can wirelessly connect a smartphone to the hearing protection and listen to music or talk on a cell phone. Amazingly, shooters do not give up the Rapid Noise Suppression feature while listening to music. Get your jam on and shoot at the same time – the earmuffs will both protect and entertain simultaneously. If you want to physically connect the hearing protection to a media source, no problem. Pyramex included an AUX input with 3.5 mm AUX jack cord. The Amp BT can also be used in passive mode without the electronic features and carries an impressive Noise Reduction Rating of 26 dB. Exposure to noise greater than 140 decibels can permanently damage hearing. Big bore rifles and most pistol calibers produce sound levels of 175 decibels or louder. So, shooters should always wear hearing protection. However, if the hearing protection is not comfortable, it can be a hard sell. The new earmuffs by Pyramex are ergonomically arched so fitting over the head or over a hat is almost unnoticeable. The headband is cushioned for maximum comfort. The new Venture Gear Electronic Bluetooth Hearing Protector is powered by two AAA batteries, which are included. To save battery life, the earmuff automatically turn off after four hours. Shooters and hunters can expect to find this new offering from Venture Gear on shelves this spring with a retail price of $119.99. The Venture Gear brand is part of Pyramex Safety Products, a world-leader in delivering high quality safety products through its innovative and stylish product lines. The company designs and manufactures a variety of personal protective equipment from eye, head, hand, welding, cooling and hearing protection to Hi-Vis work wear, respirators and ergonomic gear. Founded in 1991, the company has more than 2,000 distributors in over 60 countries and is committed to investing countless hours to research, design and testing to ensure Pyramex products meet the highest industry safety standards. To learn more about Venture Gear Tactical, or Pyramex, go to

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