Bundle Up This Winter: Understanding and Avoiding the Hazards of Working in the Cold

Working outside in freezing temperatures can not only be uncomfortable, but it can also be dangerous. Each year in the US there are roughly 25,000 deaths caused by hypothermia. Understanding how to properly protect yourself from the cold can be crucial in bettering your health and safety while on the job. We offer a variety of apparel that will protect you from temperatures ranging from moderately cold to freezing. Let’s look at some of the hazards that you face when working in cold temperatures. 

Hazards From Working Unprotected in the Cold

Frostbite: Frostbite occurs when the skin and deeper tissues are exposed to freezing temperatures. It can cause the loss of feeling and color in the affected area and can, in extreme cases, lead to amputation. 

Chilblains: Chilblains are the painful inflammation of small blood vessels. This inflammation can lead to the small blood vessels becoming permanently damaged by the cold which can result in redness and itching during additional exposures.

Hypothermia: Hypothermia occurs when the body is exposed to cold temperatures and is struggling to self-regulate warmth. It can impact brain function and is especially dangerous because people often are unable to recognize it until it is too late.

The Common Cold: When your body is cold, it is harder for your immune system to fight off germs. This can increase your risk of catching a cold, and if that cold is left untreated, you can face greater health risks such as pneumonia and bronchitis.

Wet Conditions: Working in wet conditions can increase your risk of getting sick. When the body is exposed to cold rain, its ability to warm itself is inhibited even further. This can increase your chances of getting sick, so protecting yourself from the rain should be a priority.

3 Effective Tips for Staying Warm This Winter

1. Bundle up: Wearing multiple layers of clothing can help you trap heat and keep your body warm. Wearing knit caps, balaclavas, and gloves is needed to keep other vulnerable parts of your body warm, such as your head, neck, and hands. It is also important to include moisture-wicking layers. Moisture-wicking clothing is quick-drying and will help the body to stay dry and comfortable while on the job.

2. Keep moving: Staying active while working in elements can help the body to produce and circulate heat. Avoid sitting or standing still for extended periods of time.

3. Stay hydrated: It is easy to feel like you don’t need to hydrate in the winter, however you can still experience dehydration in cold temperatures. If you find it hard to drink cold water, consider drinking warm fluids such as warm water or hot tea. You could also add flavors to your water such as fruit to improve the taste.

Helping You Become Winter Ready

Insulated/Fleece Lined Gloves: Hands are one of the body parts most susceptible to frostbite. Gloves can help your hands to stay warm, and that warmth can assist in blood circulation. Click here to explore our line of winter essentials gloves. 

Work Wear: We have several warm work wear options ranging from sweatshirts to parkas and insulated overalls that will prepare you for any type of cold weather condition. Our warmest option is the RJ31H Series, which contains three warming zones (two in the front and one in the back). You have a choice of three temperature settings, and there is a power bank included. Click here to explore our work wear winter essentials.

Accessories: Your ears, nose, and lips are vulnerable to frostbite in freezing conditions. The BL1 Series offers full coverage over the ears, nose, and lips using a self-extinguishing thermal fleece and mesh material. The RH1 Series, RH2 Series, and the WL1 Series are all warm beanies that offer warm coverage over the top of your head and ears. The MPBDL Series and the MPBFR Series are both neck gaiters that provide warm coverage over your neck and can be pulled up over your nose and mouth for additional warmth.

Rainwear: We offer four rainwear options that are guaranteed to help you stay dry in the cold. These items are made up of a waterproof material and are sewn and sealed with waterproof seams to ensure that no water would be absorbed in the material. Click here to explore our rainwear apparel.


Protecting yourself from the cold is crucial if you are working outdoors during the winter season. Prioritize your safety today and bundle up this winter. Click here to view our entire Winter Ready Collection.

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