Pyramex® Introduces New Passive Pro Series Base Level PPM1 Earmuff

Pyramex®, the trusted leader in cutting-edge personal protective equipment, is proud to unveil its newest advancement in hearing protection – the Passive Pro Series Base Level PPM1 Earmuff. The new earmuff is thoughtfully designed specifically for hardworking men and women who operate in excessive noise environments, combining must-have ANSI-rated hearing protection with all-day wearing comfort.

Each year, 22 million American workers encounter potentially dangerous noise levels, putting them at risk of sustaining injuries that could lead to lasting impacts on their hearing and quality of life. Despite these hazardous risks, nearly one-third of noise-exposed workers report they are not wearing hearing protection.

"Pyramex is committed to providing workers with advanced hearing protection from harmful and intense sound exposure with earmuffs they will be comfortable wearing all day long, and the new Passive Pro Base Level earmuff reflects our dedication to both safety and comfort," said Stephanie Aldrich, Product Category Manager for Pyramex. “These new earmuffs feature a slim profile along with a host of innovative design features that ensure both advanced protection and a great fit so wearers can comfortably stay protected for extended hours at a time."

The Passive Pro Base Level earmuff features a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 23dB with sound-absorbing internal foam, providing significant hearing protection from potentially harmful noises. In addition, the earmuff’s dielectric construction makes it an ideal choice for use in various industrial environments, including those that present potential electrical risks.

The earmuff features soft, easy-to-clean ear cushions along with a low-profile design with height-adjustment to ensure a comfortable fit for a wide range of head sizes. The earmuff's vented headband adds an extra layer of comfort and convenience, making it an excellent option for extended wear in various work environments. Its adjustable headband also allows for easy transport with the ability to quickly attach to any bag, backpack or belt loop.

The Passive Pro Base Level earmuff is also available with the option of custom imprinting, allowing companies to customize the earmuffs with their own logo and branding.

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